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Conversano by carriage

Itinerary 3. Marchione
Located about six kilometres from Conversano, the Marchione Castle was a hunting lodge belonging to the Acquaviva d'Aragona family, who were the Counts of Conversano. The origins of this noble family date back to Rinaldo Acquaviva, lord of Atri, who lived around the year 1,000. The Acquaviva d'Aragona counts customarily lived in their castle in Conversano and they used the Marchione estate for hunting. The grounds included 2,000 "tomoli,"... continua »
Itinerary 2. Dolinas
This itinerary proposes a carriage tour along the country roads around Conversano passing by the largest karstic lakes around the district. The tour includes stops at dolinas where it is possible to sample traditional foods typical to the Conversano area amidst the rocky landscape characteristic of the karstic area. The Conversano lakes have, since the Roman period, functioned as cisterns which supplied water to nearby towns. The fundamental... continua »
 Itinerary 1. Rural chapels 
This itinerary proposes a carriage tour through the countryside of Conversano, with stops at a few rural chapels. A historical analysis of their placement in the urban context, focusing on the passage from the Middle Ages to the modern age, will be followed by guided tours of these religious buildings. These chapels, all but two of which are deconsecrated, date back to the period between the 10th and 17th centuries A.D. Various private... continua »
Conversano by Carriage
You can do carriage rides, even for groups, co assistance of a guide. In the itinerary including reception is at the Colonial Tarsia Morisco, held secular office of the Lipizzan breeding and starting point of all routes. Here you will have the opportunity to taste typical products of Puglia, before starting the tour Tourism. Initially, the tour will be held only on Saturdays and Sundays, with a periodicity of two in the morning and two more... continua »