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The moder raised

Returning to the present, the Minunni family, fascinated by the Lipizzani breed and its history, undertook a project years ago to restore the original morphological characteristics of the Conversano breed.
To this end, a stud farm was established at the Masseria Tarsia Morisco in the countryside near Conversano. Here a few examples of this breed, brought back from abroad, are being raised and trained in collaboration with the Italian Academy of Equestrian Arts, located at the Masseria Francesca in Crispiano (TA), by Michele Caroli. Thanks to this centre created and managed in Conversano by the Minunni family, with many sacrifices but also much gratification, the "Lipizzani Conversano" association was founded. Its goals are to coalesce a passion for and a commitment to this royal animal in the Conversano area, with the historical, cultural and natural beauty that characterises the urban and suburban area. 
Starting in 2010, various sightseeing itineraries in horse-drawn carriages, accompanied by professional guides, will be offered in our urban and suburban areas.